Adaptive solutions that can think and talk

Our solutions are powered by a smart platform that uses Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence to converge the distance between humans and machines

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Who We Are

A technology company focused on delivering conversational adaptive solutions. We are a team of data scientists, industry experts and techno-preneurs who have deep industry and technology experience to take customers ahead of the curve in this “Cognitive Computing Era”

What We Do

We make smart solutions, which create new dimension in human-machine interaction. We go beyond static, non-adaptive, inconvenient user interface and empower users to engage with systems using simple dialog. This enables users to accomplish tasks in digital world by Natural Language Conversational Interaction.

Our Solutions


Using Natural Language queries, users will gain instant access to key insights, to run business efficiently


Voice based solution to assist the technician and make the diagnostic process hands free


Modernize Library experience and increase user involvement, by voice enabled user access



Gopinath Jaganmohan

Co-founder and CTO

Charlie Farber

Financial Advisor

Dr. Russeliah

Data Scientist & AI Lead


Our team is a unique mix of dreamers, thinkers and designers

We welcome talent at all levels to build a smarter world for the future

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Our smart platform and solutions can make your workforce more nimble, innovative and productive. For new business, partnership, questions, or press, please reach out to us at